Unique Take For My Time 

Skeptical of man rightfully so as if you don’t know 

How lies are spoon fed traditions insistence murder for any resistance

Mocked and threatened subsistence in the South means head nodding 

Standing on porches knowing at any moment rights gone certain folks never got ’em

We write back for appetizers before taking mics in public knowing death comes to moving poets

Any leader regardless of color capable of creating unity slaughtered body parts displayed to warn others 


Surely poverty will prevent office rule but street recognition is sufficient without elephants or donkeys 

A part of the “we see your distractions and won’t play” party 

  • But they gay!  
  • They’re mixing colors! 
  • Using the wrong bathroom! 
  • Smoking plants we can’t tax!  
  • Want affordable medical care political Jesus didn’t die for that!  

Arrogant believers or non believers pride before the gong hope you’ve enjoyed the what the fuck is going on show 

Down low still missing points guess we’re going with self destruction for every vote 

Press your luck begging for a wammy the attitude exposes contempt for your world 

This is race to the bottom hold my drink says the next leader I’ve got them, beat. 


Innovative leaders

Creating more efficient and effective ways to kill the population

Cut education 

Throw scraps in the middle 

Ring the bell. 


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