Interstate 90

Saving and planning 

I want to leave at night

Even though I despise

Headlights too bright

Playlist upbeat 

Smiles with windows up

This is the moment 

I’ve secretly dreamed of 

Out in the open 

Phone number changed 

Social Media left out in the rain

Hope they’ll get 

My absence is to continue progress

Regardless there’s leg rubbing 

Eyes wide pumped 

Hotel until morning 

Long time coming 

Finally soil to plant flowers and we’ll own it. 


No running into 

My ex down the street 

Whole new state area code 

No deteriorating N.C

West Coast forests 

Guess we’ll stop drinking tea

Already planning 

First night in

Two orgasms 

No window curtains 

Her dad will finally see 

This is about her and me being free

All the stereotypes 

Accusations from his fear

Won’t mean shit 

West coast skies are so clear 

Doggie playing fetch 

Grill heated right liquor no beer 

Washington okays an ounce in the air

Building our lives 

Southern yolk done 

Writing and making love 

What else can we want?


Of course I’m on video duty 

When she drives I keep one hand under her booty 

Silly humans 

Building sand castles before a storm

Before this world ends

At least we’ll keep each other warm

Problems here 

Problems there too

But I’d rather have a clean slate 

New notebook together working through 

Wanna see the Cascade Range 

Visit Puget Sound 

Hoh Rainforest bound 

Woodland Park shop around town

So saving and planning 

Car but maybe plane 

Either way I’m looking forward to Seattle rain. 


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