Gift Exact Length 

Out to what exact distance? 

My will should increase in persistence. 

Kisses should get better over time. 

Hugs tighter I am yours therfore I’m more than fine. 


What’s the exact distance you want me to go? 

I’ll go out until you say my love is known. 

Time is short so let us end the worry now. 

Tell me how much I should give watch it wrapped then sent out, to you. 


I love you more than you can know, so I’ll try to provide a glimpse. 

Don’t group me with anyone else, allow my expressions to be uniquely judged. 

Everytime your friends and family insult my character I shine more. 

Stereotypes mixed with jealousy stepped over as our love takes the floor. 


Out to the distance we feel comfortable away from shore. 

I’m giving everything I am with no production decreases. 


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