Garbage Post: Move Into Between 

Spend time today, 

Counting push-ups laughing we play, 

Because tomorrow may not appear. 

Saying whatever we want, 

Short length things should be blunt, 

Don’t want regret shown in my last appearance. 

Why be so shy,

For your life I’d surely die,

Erase potential to have you breathe.


Cut out my hate, 

Throw it down yeah cast it away, 

Anything to hold you near.

Be called a sham,

I really don’t care as long as you stand, 

Wherever we may be. 

Be something new, 

Change my habits to move into,

Her thoughts and between loving knees. 

She is my best friend I will, 

Sit with her on a towel, 

Listen and care about every word. 

She is my lover I will, 

Stroke her face with gentleness, 

Enter love and return love shown to me. 

I’ll be vulnerable with no fear,

She won’t hurt me it has been made clear,

I’ll return the favor without any doubts.


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