Experience Gifts

Can I tell you why I’m always talking of moving, 

Planning road trips out, 

I don’t like my old experiences here and wish to seek new ones, 

With you,  

With, you. 

Seeing new places and how your gorgeous eyes will react,

Is an exciting thing,

No one will be able to say they’ve seen it with me first, 

Experiences are a gift incapable of being undone,

First time making love under stars in a new place, 

We’ll do that first, lay satisfied together first.


Oh is this a city you’ve never been to, 

Pull over so I can undress you, 

Licked until a nap is called forth, 

I’ll drive while you smile asleep, 

New experience written down for our memories to keep, 

Gifts no one can take away, 

I want to make you cum across the U, S, A.

Then beyond, 

Experiences so you’ll know I want you everywhere, 

Loved given in every section of our sky’s openness dear. 


Just want to give my smile to you in new places, 

Settle somewhere,  memories all ours, 

Places our relatives don’t know,

Pioneer lovers talking laughing, thrusting somewhere only we know to go. 


I want to see your face come alive, 

In a place we don’t have to hide, 

Start over in a town welcoming lovers hand holding sincere, 

Excited to create new experiences with you my dear friend. 


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