Believing In Mornings Early 

We don’t wait for others to believe 

Wake up in the morning already rolling up sleeves 

Block out anything slowing momentum increasing speeds 

Too much undone goals to succeed 

Write a lightening storm description for fellow writers to read

Put my shortcomings alongside my strength then proceed 

Have a need that’ll be satisfied with a new perspective 

Mentally rearrange after cleaning these are new directives

Working until layman’s terms embraced by most collective 

Figurative resurrections this human ignored responsibility neglected 

Daily processing errors found in patterns depression erected 

This morning strength projected spreading love respected 

In goals to have words stimulate thoughts provide peace and income interconnected. 


On the ground floor it can seem like a joke

No fans but swear dreams of creative writing paying is blowing smoke 

Confusing to a confused writer sad looking bloke 

Or any labels writing searching for monetary compensation from quotes 

However morning birds perform magic behold words stir within evoke 

Journeys in unknown wilderness camping planning fire stoked 

Perhaps one morning woke up by success no longer choked by poverty’s yoke

In the meantime lines finished well nice finishes on oak. 


Did the undiscovered pen say I’ll cease until I’m seen 

Probably not wise withholding refreshment it’s hot be the canteen 

Pages then chapters imaginative collections convene 

Regardless of payout crucial for stability when I careen 

Breakfast shared with Athene discussing insolence men love to demean 

Chariots for us as we prepare to enter a new scene early morning. 


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