My Story Choices 

It’s my story. 

My choices to make. 

Control sensed under blame. 

Therefore I’ll stop cluttering this workstation. 

Sometimes I forget or get lazy in living. 

Disciples falling asleep immediately. 

Immediately after swearing to watch every hour. 

Sister, mother, brother, father how can I be evil towards you? 

I have my own affairs. 


Guess I’m still learning how precious this moment is right here presently. 

Guess I’m still learning how important right now this second is to me.

Stop being so judgemental it’s hard to understand I need to breathe. 

Doing this cold turkey yeah doing this when no one explained life choices are free. 


My story choices now. 

Anxiety about to get knocked out. 

Rebirth in dark corners allowed. 

Almost there tell the band to play maximum volume loud. 

I was finished then a new chapter came around. 


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