Growing In School

Hours , hours before dismissal 

Heads low same for pencils 

Tired from nightmares last night


Instructor ignored 

Way too irrelevant 

For my consideration today

Last night I ran

Until my legs lost support. 


Silly, silly me

Looking for meanings 

When there’s work to be done

Erase my notebook 

Start being serious for once 


Because, brutality 

Lies within shadows 

Land owner is me

I swear I don’t allow it

But won’t tell folly to leave

From today, until my end 

I promise to take notes 

Promise to start listening 

Swear I’ll pass

Swear to put everything I have in 

Can’t, cannot afford 

To come home and take a nap when 

I’m behind in every course 

I’ll do better 

Gotta improve my voice. 


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