Chances In Self Made Hades

Fire we dread called fear and failure. 

Physical torment is nothing compared to feeling negligible. 

Honey the keys are in our hands. 

Oh yeah it burns my skull fierce finding the keys to the kingdom are in my hands even now. 

The only murderer in the room is in me I’ve found. 

Bastard loves to forcefully tear his own salvation down. 

Oil on every finger unable to get a grip. 

Stretch these hands past my eyes. 

Reach past my faults because it’s been too long under water, 

Too long under with my own hands holding dreams down. 

Oh I swear I cried writing my epiphany to you. 

See my letters illuminate as I become anew. 

Humorous chances but I made a mistake. 

Unwilling to admit my destiny hidden between my shoulders. 

Fire is not the only way to burn. 

Excuses roast tenderised flesh from brittle bones. 

Honey my fundamentals were underneath my complaints. 

I was the road block to freedom. 

Dead end sign signed in my own blood.

In silence I woke awake. 

Trapped myself to explain to myself what I’ve been doing wrong. 

Smiled swearing it would be a great day so watch for dawn. 

Cried writing freedom papers to self. 

See the world as you want from this moment on. 

It’s been my own hand choking life away. 

I swear I cried writing my epiphany to you. 

See my words illuminate as I become a new. 

How I see it all changes the battle.  


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