Recently Available Street 

It was busy the last few months 
Hits to the stomach added up

Couldn’t even walk straight. 

Finally we see

Unable to be free 

Around bad time street

You know I need growth 

In new soil hell you and me both

Suffocating and crowded around here


We’ll lean on our shoulders 

Taking turns behind the wheel 

Making a new home 

Grasping for brand new appeal 

Reduce my sadness 

Increase your thoughtful lists

Stress lower in changed days 


I imagine it these hours 

Silently disturbed 

Anxious loosing nerves 

While you bloom loudly 

The background hugs me kindly 

I’m deteriorating in full view of clocks 

How can I explain 

My eyes don’t work so well 

My heart is threatening to fail

You have time to drive whenever you want 

I’m racing more than our GPS estimated time of arrival 

Smiling in the midst of survival 

You’re always asking why I’m rushing and I don’t have the heart to say why


Nevermind it this moment 

She says live in the moment 

I’ll just smile and agree 

Let’s go to a different place 

She’ll smile saying maybe we’ll go further in the future 

I’ll reply 

Sure it’ll be right on time. 


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