Garbage Post: You Must Be Alone During The Night 

You must be alone, during the night. 

No one can be your excuse for inactivity,  

You can always do what you want or need, 
Boldness has saved,  also has killed hearts and who is responsible? 

The owner. 

Tell me why holding back is more sound when risks break open new worlds. 


I’ll go alone. 

Into shadows thick of uncertainty all alone. 

If they don’t hear me it’s fine I’ll go it alone. 

Tired of being held back I want to find a worthy home. 

Sick from explaining how I’m dying in this southern air. 

I’ll go alone to defeat my despair. 


Darkness isn’t always scary, isn’t always horrible to fight fog.

We’re in different places, how can you understand my feelings, wrong or right? 

Yeah this could be a mistake however if I stay here surely I’ll die. 

An old new sky to be under just calls me asking for a chance. 

Explanations seem far fetched, selfish, foolish, madness. 

So I say sometimes you have to go alone, during the night morning long gone. 


No caller identification. 

I’m unable to verify the caller. 

You wouldn’t believe me anyway. 

Roll your eyes and lips tremble out of anger. 

Calling me foolish. 

Saying I’m trying to hurt you bad. 

I’ll go into the night alone without any bags.


I’ll show you sometimes it’s better to be alone at night. 


You wouldn’t trust me so now you don’t have to worry about us anymore. 

Thought the risk wasn’t good enough my words ignored. 

Don’t be angry I didn’t stay I couldn’t explain it to where you wanted. 


Stay and grow roots 

Find someone new

Do whatever the hell you want to. 

It’s been a brutal road for me

Seen suicide naked and almost slept with her gladly 

If I’m going to survive 

I need to listen within 

I’m through with the Carolinas 

No chance I’ll win. 

I’ll show you sometimes it’s better to be alone at night. 


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