Cry Then Grow Up

Privately sit in a corner and weep bitterly, then grow up. 

There’s no time for my thoughts or feelings here, I must play my part. 

When no one is looking, 

I go into the storage room, make sure I have tissues to, cry into. 

My tears,  matter like a drop of a rain during a downpour, 

Just need a private moment to be weak, admit my mind is bleak, hate myself for agreeing to be alive conditions oblique. 

When no one is looking, I cry then grow up. 

Count your blessings is what I hear. 

I’m stuck on feeling worthless. 

I can save others but cannot save myself momentarily. 

Seems like forever although I’ve been here before. 

They taught me, cry bitterly, unseen and unknowingly, who wants to hear screaming every day?

Bleed alone, cut my skin, pistol to my dome, in private suffer in silence, violence is okay to yourself, we do not want to hear you. 

So turn off every light and go into the corner, it’s alright, cry cry cry then grow up. 

Imagine the moment you jump, then go and eat dinner with loved ones, and grow up. 

No one likes to see the pain on your face. 

Cry and grow up. 


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