Stage One: Monitoring

We’re watching horror excused by numbers. 

Unpitying slaughter with one hand suppressing, 

Other hand slamming a gavel for your victims being held under,

Superior in arrogance inferior in mercy, second chances, 

We have a surprise for you shortly, 

A taste of your own medicine boomerang politics, 

Let us see how these numbers feel pressed into fragile skin. 


Gathering evidence patiently awaiting a grand trial, 

Same logic used to abuse visited upon their tainted heads, 

How can they ask for help after all the deaths cheered for, 

Thought they were the final answer but no a true courtroom awaits, 

Even their gods cannot free payment as too many skulls have accumulated, 

Sting and the Police every breath you take we’ll be watching you. 


Gotta message in a bottle for murderers, 

Fields of gold for the few exceptions, 

Every thing these false math gods do is tragic but they swear it’s magic, 

Boomerang punishments, taste your own formula, 

At this moment we wait, 

Complied data for judgment,   statistical evidence, 

To be used on the highest logical murdering cowards. 


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