Taught To Hide 

Shown being honest gets you murdered. 

Rules and regulations brutal traditions to force compliance or death. 

Our side is the greatest and if you don’t agree loose your head, literally. 

We just love having excuses to kill each other. 

You should do the local thing yeah you should do the popular thing or else you die. 

You should say what we say yeah you should be what we want to be or else you’ll die. 


Differences not accepted. 

Murdering you is expected or we’ll have to examine the bodies we’ve piled over the years. 

Downhill so why stop now let’s make a few examples of prophets and warnings. 

We’re just following orders from men and gods who allow sacrifices for protection. 


What do we kill for now? 

Mansions in the sky? 

Sex with partners who don’t reply? 

Riches in death without value?

Defending positions and names past like rumors pass around. 

What’s this century’s goal? 

Incentives for murdering ourselves? 

Who has given us clearance to murder our kids’ futures? 


Hide your kids. 

Hide your wife. 

Hide any loved ones you have. 

They’re killing everyone out here for peace and I’m not fooled. 


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