Held Up In My Lowest 

Hurt myself via words, it was a long day

Cast myself down unforgiving stairs without mercy

Insults whispered inside in my voice 

Then I saw you, you told me to stop

I woke the neighbors yelling, explaining I’m less than zero 

With one gentle hand to my face healing occurred 

Kissed me and said fail but don’t quit 

Looked into my eyes and said you’ll take me failures and all


She said figure things out and don’t go stabbing your heart

Find your solution and get back up

Fail a million times but get up a million plus one 

Rather have you trying than absent swearing death is better than correction 

Trying, fixing, to get things right is better than going missing 

Stop hating yourself and focus you’ll stand up when those legs of yours are ready. 


You saved my life 

I believed suicide was better than another mistake 

Better than a public display of starting from the ground again 

You have saved me more times than you know 

Yeah your smile and thoughtful words nourish my heart 

Cried bringing deep fears to be washed away 

You’ve dressed my wounds allowing me to attempt a better way. 


You have my love forever now. 


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