Punishment Of Fear

No limitations just one enemy called punishment of fear. 

Are you truly helpless children these limitations weren’t approved by me. 

Who told you every turn you have made has been terrible. 

Why are you so afraid of tomorrow ignoring today eyes closed. 

Running without paying attention bumping into walls electrical fences. 

Death may be a minute away. 

Scared of making mistakes but careless of time it takes being afraid. 

Mute lord I asked to come stand on water but almost drowned calculating my worth. 

I swear I’m unworthy to fathom lines drawn in the water fathom depths. 


Greatest tool used against my mind by my mind has always been fear. 

Greatest tool used to change my mind by my mind has always been fighting fear.
After our self destruction we will look at fear and say this is monster who tormented us day and night and be humiliated. 

It’s nothing. 

Nothing after our chances die. 


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