Successive Losses

Bland responses to energetic attempts with you, 

I’ve asked for clarification heard whispers and laughter instead of guidance, 

Confrontation after humiliation serves as confirmation time is wasted, 

I’m on my own how I wanted it still emphasis could be placed on my roles, 

Balance thwarted. 


I’m not an articulate person, 

Far from the stars worshipped daily, 

My thoughts revolve filled with chagrin I’m worthless government property, 

Smiling undermined my reflection to the outside world, 

Red whispers of doubt so back to my bed I curl. 


Very zealous to living only to die, 

Seems insane and I can’t see past my limitations yet, 

Self harm to express compressed regret, 

I’ll write euphemisms to hide my shades of darkness. 


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