Gave my hand and was taught swiftly, 

Help is within or else you’ll do without, 

Waited for supernatural assistance, 

Heard silence as I should have, 

Oh yeah I want to believe some satellite’s eyes are fixed, 

Interested in my insipid happenings, 

This is my cell without any visitation. 


Who is coming to show excellent solutions? 

Who is coming to understand? 

Who is coming to help me up? 

Who is coming to help me stand? 


This human odyssey to non existence, 

Dejection tattoos inside my self ran prison, 

Better to light all my limbs on fire than ask for help, 

Break open applications in diverse bibles, 

See who will care the most in exchange for worship, 

If any are capable of being defended and willing to guide my resurrection, 

Perhaps I’ll believe in unseen flashes again. 


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