Sunsets In Our Simulation

You’re the only spice

Sprinkled or I feel bland hours tightly canned’

I go off and type errors included 

Ensuring my voice doesn’t fade cannot be muted

Hope I’m allowed to stay forever I’ll be fine if booted

Intentions words and actions slip or give traction

Are we in this together or is it personal satisfaction

Discussions on younger years loved ones claiming love then slapping

Trap is trapping using bait I love you then lions past gates

Watching for incoming missiles always staying up late

I’m too unrefined unmentioned in timelines

 I’m cheap wine from corner store cases unworthy of a drive

Therefore I write for few

Most importantly I write for me not for you

I see the mountain even the mountain dew


I’m your invited storyteller whenever you just want to relax

Or we can get logically I can present some facts

Even more so freestyle feature or back on tracks

I just don’t do generic rap shit

 Money, using women, drugs, ego tripping, material wealth shit

Flashy on the outside rotten infectious inside

Driving in my local city in a piece of shit ride

Instead of making it rain I’ll invest in education

Instead of bragging on my income I wouldn’t waste it

Helping the poor instead let us rise

Discovering good people live in bad places then die


Some of the most wonderful folks are humble seen weak

Thrown away I’d recruit open minds via common speech

I understand for change changes needed mentally

It’s alright regarding entertainment but essentially bragging repulses me

Human nature indeed so when I fuck up I admit it learn better breathe

Stay away from humans claiming to be mistake free

Twinkle in their eyes malice wherever they sleep

Stopped smoking marijuana even though it is nice

Life is now can’t be high drug tests at work put advancement on ice

Sunsets after being fired aren’t right


Damaged road to death

Scared to see that dead end

It’s coming surely yeah friend it’s happening

One way or another inevitable no escape

Regardless of my complaints compliments scarf or cape

Survey at the end please tell us how was life

Take a few moments to rate

Smiling because we have to get lessons in one take

Green trees variously colored flowers no leaves to rake


Mother you gave me that notebook I wish you could come look

I’m not a star however writing has opened my mind so far

Lyrics come whether I’m in the shower driving my car

Bad times happy moments in between without

Poems written twenty years ago still potent

How did you perform magic in the very moment I began

Your smile causing my smile randomly


There Are Sunsets In Our Simulation

 The ending is assured no waiting

There Are Sunsets In Our Simulation

Willpower the only unworldly communication

Get taken and never held down

My goal is ascension to come back around

Help others achieve the goal

Decide to save instead of throw cards violent fold.


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