Garbage Post: Harvest

All we’ve put into these battles marked in twenty four hour containers

Should amount to casting away any reasons for staying still

Roads await our journey thirsty ears for our conversations

I feel you’ll always be afraid to wander past state lines for good

Maybe you should if a harvest of wonder scares your heart dead.


Bitter air in this community still you insist on breathing it

Throwing off any figures any reasons to drop the world maybe

Meanwhile I would invert my name empty jars of change to be two in one

Bad man for asking drastic measures when tomorrow will be worth it right

If bombs fall because of North America’s greeds and lies I’ll be pissed

Could have kissed in mountains unfortunately they’ll be destroyed

Scared about what if means nothing our bones in a pile of shit

Oh I wish we had just raises my blood pressure.


Dark plans hidden for brightness can’t allow anyone to drag me back

Imagining my head haphazardly bouncing off payment to relax

Oh how we should relax with a new address different phone numbers and names

Washing off years of emotional abuse changing lanes to exit

Add my basket with hers for a harvest long time coming mixed in loving

You know I’ve never been satisfied running laps for bad coaches

Toxic family members take the heat holding out for surrender




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