Regret In Our Faces


Reading my mind is not your greatest wish

Standing within falling stars

Pummeled with planets off track

Always under attack

Shelter to shelter falling once you arrive

Hugging pictures of strangers

Knowing damn well they don’t give a fuck about your life

Wishing for more ignoring what you have


Told you’re loved but wondering how much

Always how much

Curled into abandoned dreams

Good enough to be discovered than abandoned


Weather changes unpredictable

Beautiful scene engulfed in smoke

Various cages walked into voluntarily

Keys inside ignored until it’s old

Oh there’s something within this slaughter ignored

A single key to better doors

Honey you’re a liar

Wanting to witness answers in my hand abandoned

Tears because I refuse to use them when I’m so close

So close to greater ways


Elegant dances to bitter weeping

Great performances hiding broken sleep

Are we not the same

Missed only when our timers cease

Two bullets for the meek

Worldwide piano arrangements as we die a thousand ways

More each day waking up confused.


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