Paged Dialing Numbers

Dark comments just like we figured,

Therefore switching plans required totally get the picture,

Numbers deleted forward progress pure quest,

Becoming what other people wanted had us vexed,

Checked hotlines read forums still a mess,

After the stumble aware of dialing changed numbers,

No one to carrying burdens with,

Wrap up before facing brutal cold it is serious,

Remarkable resilience sought after desperately needed,

Dead ends in family and friends deleted,

Could have gotten ugly instead we regrouped retreated,

When we meet again they’ll know emotional abuse defeated.


Lost in a maze lacking direction isn’t entertaining,

Working it out on paper learn constructive complaining,

Demonstrations on gaining ground footing no hesitation,

Who knows tomorrow when tonight’s vibrant broadcast playing,

Wishes and old prayers worthless ain’t staying,

Sweating working hard but where are the damn payments,

Pencil or pen against outdated views win,

Silencing umbrellas calling thinking a mortal sin,

Laymen status yet figurative ammunition causing head spins,

Everyone for peace called true kin.


Technical difficulties don’t own us,

Seems like they do however remain tough,

Mocked and beaten like imaginary gods were,

Mission to keep our hearts warm deny attacks somber,

Depression wants penetration without protection,

Agreement to throw my body into an intersection,

Somehow I’ve signed up for these violent hours,

Figured getting tortured now will make cruising later wonderful,

Errorful strongest bridge to flavorful slapping myself pitiful,

Emotions take place bringing tears meeting blank documents,

Instruments opening emotional dams against worthlessness behold armaments,

Still silence.


Most creative when under pressure like logic,

Candles in a dark place thinking technological,

Heard they wanted more rhymes than feelings,

So I emptied myself although on illogic written on ceilings.


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