Winter,  Spring, Heights & Gray Areas  

Escape impossible shoe prints left in deep snow 

Tracking every movement paths laced with signs here we go

How come those we love set traps along our climb 

Almost to the top pushed down half a mile double time

We felt sunny rays only to be scratched with words appearing as cold nails. 

Misery loves company,  demands an air of hopelessness 

Other extremes say indifference breaks such tight metal chains 

We saw our exit until cold winds came

Writing excessively, using a bucket to shovel snow for days 

You can have our secret knowledge here it is 

Point of trying unclear yet we feel something driving attempts 

Unfortunately linked to cold people in love with confusion 

Sadly linked to land mines in flesh waiting for a certain distance 

Living to disrupt progress suddenly, violently. 

This is our hall filled with echoes

This is our lives on the line

These are our unknown trials

These are our poems thrown upon ground 

White paper in snow during spring 

Denied gentle winds, given a cold burial 

You help keep us a secret. 

Failure married me I don’t know when I signed up 

Dance floor empty not counting my reluctant steps 

Or possibly my steps were confidentiality made embarrassing myself 

Late in this cruel training course I’ve got momentum 

Pretty skies then to my surprise bitter precipitation 

Willpower tested oh I see why you’re here

We saw our exit blocked by faces we love

Hands we gladly held reach to strangle us

Seemingly familiar when we’re almost halfway up 

Next time we’ll fight through avalanches sent towards us, sprint to spring 

Ignoring snow. 

Weird weather right before the end 

Unexpected setbacks sent to prevent a win 

Cannot change the weather gotta climb through it

Our loved ones are zombies operating without logic 

Gnawing on happiness we’ve protected 

New plan, cut heads off. 


Complaints aren’t effective

Excuses waste time 

We’re almost done with this place 

Cannot fall or fail 

Didn’t expect another snowfall 

Nevertheless run, walk, or crawl 


Misery loves company, how dare we walk away. 

Sun out coldest snow in the way. 

Laying down isn’t recommended. 
And I feel something I’ve never felt before 

Power I’ve had and have trapped behind doors 

Friend who feels the same 

Detection of another season bringing change 

Sometimes we see a glimpse 

Recompensed from years of teasing broken feelings in splints 

Horrible storms before birds are heard again 

We’ll continue fighting storms in route to friendlier domains.  


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