Wasteful Man

A complete experience outside fences

Tools for most operations wrenches

My life may well be dishonorable mentions 

How far down until we hit discovery 

Might discover my contract includes obscurity 

Absurdity still folks die without a spotlight 

Fame isn’t my goal just savings accounts so bright 


What if my goals are red herrings 

Unable to buy her pearl earrings 

Struggle in the beginning and at the end 

Awards in death but life broken down can’t win

Currently talking to myself via digital paper again 

Finally realizing there’s no such thing as saviors 

Or posting in a sea expecting parting water no favors 

Laughing now about possibilities canceled later 

Ready to die but the greatest punishment is uncertainty 

Therefore continuation isn’t strength perhaps cowardly 

Heroes and heroines didn’t see promised lands to stop

Damn sure didn’t quit almost to the top

Guess completion continues ending regardless of victory or a flop


Silly humans greatest ones ridiculed 

Teased then adored for bending rules 

Front page afterwards before unworthy of news 

Can I lay and be unknown with her touches 

Ignore general population programming escape its clutches 

Realize material wealth is temporary  lavish lunches 

Most important part of life is dealing with stumbles 

Final thoughts as bones I counted on crumble 


Write until hands don’t work for someone unknown 

Broadcasting surrounded or alone 

My short term lease in awareness 

Nothing signed claiming fair rent 

Messages delivered until communication spent 

Until silence preferred old and back bent 

Fears are stronger than hopes 

Lights with our names maybe nope 

Willpower and confidence to cope

Better than wasting time waiting for help smoking dope 


A complete experience outside fences 

My life here may very well be dishonorable mentions 

Dimensions filled with ego pretension

Death and life contention while what really matters recieves no attention. 


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