Hard Wall Gets Silent Treatments 

My advice not wanted I won’t waste it

Hard headed defeat go ahead taste shit

They love waste in many forms 

Disconnection necessary to stay warm

Liars unable to lie past consequences 

Double fences definitely not worth your efforts excuses persistent 

Canned my emotions for whatever flavor the day brings 

Roll my eyes passive aggressive claps for these unworthy kings

Hope my wisdom unavailable  to offenders 

Pretenders void of solid centers


Children I’ve tried to hold hands and laugh sincerely 

Cannot compete against manipulation yall love dearly 

Clearly dismissal is the only answer for us

Counting hours is painful so tough 

Calculations incorrect but with no work shown only guff

Canned responses with a smile

Coming to grips with maybe some like eating bile

Caught up yeah it’ll catch up after a while 

Crazy I ever touched you with my anointed hands. 


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