If You Want To Hate

Hate if you want to 
Stop making ridiculous excuses 

Numbers twisted in dirty hands 

Personal bubble activated repellant against peace 

Unable to see different directions one way street 

Statistics statistically don’t mean shit in this lesson 

Love inferior to your stance so stiff 

Past hurt and experiences lead war propaganda 

You’re an atom claiming royalty it’s very telling 

Can’t be corrected you know all already 

No possibility of being incorrect 

Any group besides yours is lost

Colors rule your world feces crown never off. 

If you want to hate don’t hide behind masks, 

If you want to believe your group is the best don’t laugh, 

You had nothing to do with your color and birthplace, 

Hey if you want to hate don’t lie just say you want to. 


You’ve discovered less than one percent of the world 

Still claim to know every single member of other races 

Clairvoyant sight seer judge

Swearing everyone who looks different isn’t valuable 

Stereotypes your trusty Bible 

In your tiny life you’ve gathered substantial evidence

Your world would be perfection 

Everyone looking the same and doing what you are doing 

No understanding past your ego

An ocean of hate helps float superior quality judgments 

Starting off ignorance with most of them 

Your way of winking hatred down… 


Oh but not me, 

My shell I had no say in frees me, 

Grouping people together while using red ink helps me sleep soundly, 

See most of them, 

Numbers say it’s okay to say I’m better than, 

Answer isn’t trying to understand what happened throw away, 

Just destroy what I don’t approve, 

See most of them, 

Oh I know several people who say the same, 

See most of them, 

I follow them and know they’re always up to no good. 

Hate but don’t make excuses 

Just say you are superior 

Why wear masks 

Focus on the mirror 

Everything and everyone made for you to approve

So strong underneath a coward afraid to battle stereotypes 

It’s easier to apply them than look behind the curtains 

Intelligent with a few flaws so your code is dead

Unaware of bugs opening entire systems backdoor infection 

Confident there’s no need for updates logic sound operation system fine 

I can see and I don’t miss anything I’ve got proof we hold hands I’m on the right side… 

Hand in hand we’ll crash

Insisting our hatred is justified 

Hand in hand we’ll prefer to die 

Than admit our lies have ruined peace
Hand in hand we’ll kill

Blaming differences for blood we spill 

Hand in hand we hate 

Expecting a higher power to show mercy at gates.


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