Different Form Of Communication 

Setbacks served with disappointments 

No warning for canceled appointments 

Burns but without any ointment 

Cut deep then left by infectious hurt

Clean up or infect someone else with a smirk

Working together for unity passed off as too much work.
Attempted communication attempts fail. 
A choice or action isn’t right

Explanations split on rejected advice

Discussions tumble into yelling

Any ideas of appropriate ways to get through

Hate blinding taking room

Moved right in blessed with a welcome basket too. 
Experiences and pain they know is all they know 

Personal formula created out of fear anger cannot let go

Comforting in a cell with a set schedule and personalized reinforcement

Only see selected views to see 

Unable to understand or relate to anyone free 

Spoken with still unheeded rescue attempts

Written to but couldn’t get past barbed fences of the past.
Oh well we’ll do understanding the hard way

Go waste years in wilderness generous in giving blame

Afraid of monsters which you have become 

Was a champion with awards hate tainted every one 

Okay let’s do this the hard way

Waste years until you walk away from fear.
A different form of communication 

Mind filled to capacity can’t hear what I’m saying

Therefore the answers are queued outside waiting

 It’s been a hard life yet don’t get complacent

Frequently clean your mind. 


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