Written While I Pass Away, Past

Tires familiar to these streets are useless, 

Speeding tomorrow morning in search of dawn, 

I’ve already seen a rising sun my pockets soaked with tears, 

Dry bills instead of tear soaked past due notices, 

Eager to discard my excuses yearning for a new home now, 

Years of incorrect information fed by my own hand, 

Ignoring lessons but I’m writing while I pass away from that old man. 


Regardless of the readers subscriber count visiting meters 

Write on through to look back if I take a breather 

Pain applied for wisdom turn around and save my people 

It isn’t punishment although it feels the same

Written while I pass away from the past I’ve made. 


My shoes tired of the same signs useless wear and tear, 

Am I lacking will power is my body irrelevant Matrix lessons no air, 

An adventure behind curtains more important than surface level fears, 

Material wealth shines diamonds aren’t precious metals air clears, 

Taught to look towards man fake gods rings on every hand drowning out the mission, 

Speak of it mocked and scorned beyond recognition, 

More than what I know or see so I’m writing passing the old me. 


Labels don’t make us, 

Hate only breaks us, 

Lies overtake us, 

Paying for the ending now, 

My life appears upside down, 

Fuck appearances, 

This is deliverance, 

Start in the mud wild, 

End up in highest clouds, 

Written while I pass away, 

I belong somewhere else I can’t stay. 


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