Code Lines 

Some prefer patterns known 

Repetition until death grabs new bones

Emotions itching in flesh domes

Easier to ignore escaping if we make ordinary our home 
Resistance only so far

Daily patterns saved in a favorite folder called par

Attracted to those who break circles or agree

Vanilla sex or hard-core release 

Laying tracks down for familiar consistent points of interest 
Shall we meet between fixed hours? 

Kiss and cum before or after routine showers? 

Teach ourselves nothing off our schedule matters? 

Repeat all until our bodies inevitably suffer critical failure. 
To survive we’ll work the automated shift

We’ll know exactly where we’ll be

Between the hours of nine to five

Break around twelve thirty 
Remember how dumb I was to say

Let’s say fuck this city cash our checks drive away 

Instead let us prepare our track 

Run fast until we’re done and look back 

Laps in the same places my fear

Being safe is smarter I agree dear 
Watch my darling as far fetched ideas end 

Should be in my designated Space on knees amen

Rebellion alongside adventure killed 

Oh no it’s not timed when we’re off but still

Falling in place can be so calm

Debates toned down afraid of morning alarms. 


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