Used Candles Faltering 

Smile frequently to hide, 

Laughter to drown weeping, 

Why are you so cheerful they ask heads tilted, 

Oh because I sacrifice my heart. 
Slapped on one cheek then the other after forgiving, 

Sure angry can come but we know it’s not a positive route, 

Slamming doors in front of people we would have died for, 

Abuse isn’t qualified for my submission, 

Cutting you away so I can breathe freed of prison. 
My punishment is trying to rebound after getting hurt again, 

This sentence hurtful and raw I almost turned completely bitter, 

Your face and voice appalling,

Reader can you believe they’re still playing the victim murdering lovers clueless, 

What did I do while they lick the knife introduced into two places, 



Third is right into your hope face to face like what did I do. 
Misery follows shoes worn by betrayal loving minds, 

Ruining everyone’s lives unfortunate enough to meet them, 

I’m laying in bed with a candle lighting my silent room, 

Trusted a bastard behold I’m receiving my dues, 

Silent when I see them because I don’t want to be lyrical murderer, 

Soft spoken when I say time with them is wasted total forfeit, 

Dead unwanted wasted annoying irritating lump of dead weight, 

Gotta repair my life after such vile contamination, 

Hope I never hear of them ever existence checks unnecessary, 

I’m the one who can’t sleep because watching myself is first now, 

I’m the one ready to attack teeth and face vicious, 

The love shown from them helped me decide to abandon Heaven, 

Becoming an atheist wasn’t so hard with their smiles around, 

Abandoning my faith wasn’t hard after living with snakes lying in wait, 

None of these gods can save me from this, 

Mine own hands occupied with a shield and sword can,

The whole armor of self worth plus sword of a pioneer stand. 
He was so happy, 

We had no idea,

Liars you cowards, 

It was written in his face, 

Written in his withdrawal, 

Objects appeared larger than they really were. 


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