Black Pages And Glitter 

Can’t sleep I’m too busy trying to figure out how to create distance 

Looking in faces of liars who wish to wrap me in traps

Good things are over this pain I already know it

The worst rains bring the best flowers so hell must bring heaven 

Obviously my problems aren’t the worst still very serious to me 

Cutting off smiles and friendships simply not meant to be 

They want to see hulk come out asking what am I going to do 

My quiet planning appearing as compliance no I have big plans 

More to life than living in chains barbed wired demands fuck your ransom demands 

Escape and military response soon if they don’t understand I’ve changed my tune 


Be an example for the rest let’s see if you’ll respect my response 

Be an example limp towards the rest tell them I’m not what they want

I love loving so much and the only thing that compares in feelings 

Is when I fire back in anger justified in my damage dealing 

Shouldn’t have come to this but you asked for it my vengeance full poured you’ve been asking for it

I thought I’d deliver 


Some hate for skin colors but we know fear is there 

Using statistics to say well futility follows my efforts here

What do you say to a person feeling superior in every way 

Nothing but even when I try some won’t let me walk away 

Tried to convince close blood to think differently 

Disappointed when they bought into fake epiphanies 

Now I can’t look some in the eyes unable to trust people over whom I cried 

You really understand what hate and mistrust is

Denied respect because blame on standing up is easy Judas type kiss

Lighting rod for excuses they want sacrifice 

Yeah we’ll take a murder before admitting we aren’t right

I’m supposed to be your personal savior taking abuse then now forever beyond later

Smiling in my face so bright while planning how to stop me from walking around bright 

What about my character they don’t want to know my character 

Already decided I’m inferior 

Family isn’t the same these days plus in 2017 my skin attracts strange ways 

Still being told my presence is trouble however such ignorance doesn’t trouble 

And this me living without a bubble in the everyday struggle to feel good about myself regardless of my surroundings. 


Be an example stop hiding behind lies ignorance and fear

Be an example someone cleaning up making live clear 

Don’t be another asshole 

Another reason to cry when holding a gun close range blasting Rollins Band’s going out strange


Humans expect mercy but revel in murder 

Verbally watch the slaughter come forth 

Funerals filled with fakers 

All I know is I’m done wearing masks 

All I know is I’m tired of turning the other cheek 

Humans want mercy but won’t give it 

This life shit is ridiculous. 


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