Holy Darkness 

Holy Darkness 

You deserve it

No one to hear your screams or see your tears 

Should have figured it out I owned you 

Mine to hate and mine to discard into oblivion 

Look you in the eyes and say I never knew you 

Holy darkness is my gift for stepping out of line

Should have known the answers to every question 

All these questions with variables I’ve hidden well

You prayed twenty times and I required twenty one

You asked for forgiveness but didn’t pay ten percent once 

Sunday clothes could have been a little cleaner 

Now rot in your own thoughts forever 

Because I love you 

It’s for your own good no chance to redeem yourself 

Gnashing teeth sound so sweet 

Regrets afterwards will help me sleep so weep

Two deaths just to let you know there’s there’s no sequel 

Die in vain. 
Hey what better way to end your show 

Than being buried alive in fire

Endless loop of wondering what you could have done but it’s over 

No responses given keep wondering BITCH 

I love you so much don’t resist 

Worship me and tell me I’m so high oh yeah the most high

Give me everything you have 

Otherwise I have constructed a punishment you’ll never forget 

Tape on loop worst nightmares in silence it’s what you get 

Holy Darkness makes my penis erect 

Crispy regrets. 
Jigsaw ain’t got shit on me I want to play a game 

If you loose I’ll take everything 

Choose wisely or get cursed twice

Worship me and you might see paradise 

Dancing for me day and night 

Twerking in Sunday dresses and suits that’s right 

I deserve it

I deserve it all have no others before me

Oh I deserve it all 

Enjoy my maze I’ve made it just for you. 


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