Debris Dumping 

Our clocks are different, 

You believe in wasting hours unaccountable, 

Surely they’ll be more after I learn everything the hard way is what you say, 

Actions covered by excuses so sexy and pretty to you. 

Lie after lie it gets easier to dilute the truth, 

Unknown reasons haunt you and curse you but it’s just lack of attention, 

Selfish ass piece of shit who gets rewarded with due rewards, 

Clueless to why quality stays away, 

People can smell the worthlessness off you, 

I wish I did before defending a waste of human it’s why I’m suffering now, 

Now um stuck in torture can’t go don’t want to stay I can’t stand your heartbeat. 

Played me well,  I don’t want to be vulnerable again 

Scars from people I swore would help me appreciate life

No,  it’s the opposite and at night I have dreams of never knowing you and I smile. 

Think you’re so slick while trying to bury me in dirt, 

My happiness your canvas of manipulation and hurt, 

I should have left while I had resources but no I tried to make things work, 

I’m bleeding out every minute as my situation gets harder to manage, 

Oh I know you want to ruin everything, 

Blame them and that anyone but you, 

Mistakes don’t happen yelling you swear it must be a crazy moon. 

We’re all going to die and I don’t want to waste time on you 

No one makes it out alive and I’ll be a Goddamn fool to waste time on you

My happiness and hope masturbates thinking of never seeing you again

I cum so hard when I think of walking away from you 

It has come to this and yes I insist leaving you with be a wonderful day

My lover and I will cheer as we celebrate. 

I’ll sell all my possessions minus my phone and clothes, 

To be anywhere else I’m worth more than this, 

Get credit cards and max them to leave town,

About to have a yard sale to use the proceeds and escape, 

From the horror of trusting you. 

I don’t have time to play around don’t you know we’re dying everyday, 

Wasted so much time with garbage it stinks now I see the promised land waiting, 

Fuck your opinion this is my life you were trying to spend yeah my life crumbling when I let you in, 

See what I’ve earned, 

Trophies for embarrassment looking foolish in plain view, 

I’m ashamed. 


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