Bad Rain

Visibility low traveling feeling dangerous these roads treacherous strange to us, 

In order to get home this battle continues unable to see anything through windows windshield glass assaulted by elements, 

Comfortable where we were but not really mentally attacked toxic people pretending to be friendly with lure slow but fast frankly a blur, 

Momma said don’t let those people kill you trying to cook but the bastards changed the menu tried harder then they changed the venue, 

So as difficult as it is to say seperation from those we love sanity comes first no more fake hugs or what’s up look it’s better this way, 

Couldn’t see anything any road any hope any solution my joy disappearing via pettiness patented pain opposite of resolutions, 

These the kind of folks you don’t argue against in court just sit back they’ll expose how clueless they are it’s like a sport, 

I’m the one who left survival mandatory but around town they say I’m a bad man kill hearts very gory but no, 

Bad windshield wipers for sixteen and a half years didn’t see where they wanted me to go it was and still is the edge, 

What drives a lover to die tell me what makes a lover think suicide is better than holding hands I’ve often preached caught in quicksand black so presence banned, 

All I really wanted was peace and unity now my entire immediate family got crosses burning my image on them oblivious in the mirror I wonder what they see, 

Lack of admitting mistakes and personal accountability threw it all on me well whatever helps you sleep I’m out driving still getting blamed for things back at their house, 

Read scripture on Sunday morning by night curses handed out throughly it was either stay and die with them as my kindness was mistreated, 

I didn’t want medals or ego boosters just be straightforward vampires like them cannot greedy smiles drain until the last drop, 

Would you believe one said it doesn’t have to be this way I can come back to be mentally abused I should stay I left while it was raining. 
They’ll treat you to an early death

Smile at the funeral and ask who’s next 

I can’t see the future but I know staying would have been the end

So I drive even with bad windshield wipers

Gotta get the fuck away before they bury me 

Dressed for a funeral yelling at me saying get in your grave we’ve made. 


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