Disappearing Flowers 

Seriously they rather have silence than partnerships 

Say I’m not behaving not cooperating off light switch 

All I know is each day reveals more about us

How love sounds good until hardships pop up 

Listen I don’t want your sympathy or sad face poses

Or distractions always temporary week or three then dead roses 

Say I haven’t said anything lately personally no direct contact

Too far gone to ask each other to come back 

Heads facing other views and it’s fine I just wish I could get past this and pack

Location bringing baskets of bad experiences mind off track 

Writing woes happiness and questions built deeply 

Solitude when I trust disappointed as I’m left wounded again. 


You don’t have to tell me how bad things are 

Cut after cut but to distance myself I’ll take scars

How does an adult say forget where I came from 

Forget people who saw me when I was young 

Deleting files and it feels great cleaning in the spring for once

My love is too bright to be kept hidden 

When I say I’m dying seriously they laughed told jokes but weren’t kidding 

Oh yeah things have been bad however it’s nothing new

Maybe relocating from the south is vital so overdue 

As my love disappears for everyone I swore wouldn’t fail 

Feel good conquering story perhaps time doesn’t exist can’t tell


Wasted air prayers please save the oxygen

If you’re not going to try how the hell will we win

Tangled wind my head is feeling really dizzy 

Can’t go forward like Hollywood the remake city

Going forward I rather take risks 

More rewards than being violent getting pissed 

Independence something on which I must insist 

Because I know real people who died before getting a single wish 

This world 

This world gives the most beautiful flowers 

Disappear from sight in less than an hour 

My power is hanging on during this mystery. 


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