New Station  

Hear me now I’ve changed percentages tick up this is more than temporary, 

Do you like inside of me my mind cryptic and still worth investigating, 

When I say I love you licking gently tongue working against hours no hesitation unless you want to be teased, 

Grind your hips and believe this man is not ordinary fucking is easy but being true is where love lives and infatuation dies. 
No one has loved me liked this

No one has made me want to live so strongly 

No one has filled my eyes with tears of joy the way you do 

Come make two one I want you put of everyone else. 

So many lies and many killers but I know the truth, 

I’m happier when your love provides proof that living has worth, 

I love you so much though I hurt from former wounds every step you take for us creates positive focus zoom, 

Hold me through the rain until at can see sun again, 

Ride me until I forget these people don’t give a shit if I live, 

Suck me dry until racism and ignorance cannot build around us. 
New Station

Signals I haven’t heard

Desires Broadcast. 


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