Cloud Vase, Orchid Lavender Short  

We keep rooms for visits back forward doesn’t matter as long as we meet, 

Books read and arms rested voices firm glistening eyes perfect time, 

This ground is sacred talks among us confirm it regularly see this is exactly what I wanted hard to believe you’re here, 

Written on operations placement apparent in all I do know I want to work my day through quickly to return, 

If my head dares to look down and stay a gentle hand corrects it okay she healed me once again, 

I’m just thinking about private nights we can be together figure out answers and apply them correctly, 

Enemies were camouflaged assault weapons awe gunning for any signs of life orders to make things dark, 

Shown a safe place for rebuttals regained contested pieces of mind stopped the bleeding, 

Cloud colored Vase flowers smell of Orchids Lavender gasping to get a hand after ya to calm down and relax, 

Underestimated waves of sadness however her smart plans better so enemies defeated no hacks and it’s the little things right? 

The little things write. 


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