Not For It

Erosion occurred to our relationship 

Feelings damaged started to flip 

Lies placed in neat stacks you swear by

Unaware of how decayed intentions inside drive

You’re an animal of manipulation top tier 

Short term memory loss of how depending on you was awful I’m steering clear 

As tides turn and your shit falls apart I’m supposed to do what 

Give free rides around town smile while getting stuck 

It takes a lot to say no 

Takes a lot to feel like distancing myself from people I used to love is for the best so

When you hear Edmond was a pile of trash just remember I wanted unity first and they laughed 

Clueless of times I almost bought my freedom from this illusion 

Finally taking care of myself earned a number one shot being called worthless incorrect uncaring 

When I wouldn’t say no and they abused my love 

Leaving me to die with resources bankrupt

It was a good time in their minds how dare I cut off the abuse to survive 

They’re not for it. 
Parenting and being a good family member 

Isn’t being used happy to surrender 

Drained while resources look good 

Disconnected when I’m empty they’re full 

Fuck going down with the ship I had to make changes and ask for assistance from the Internet when yall dipped 

When yall left

So excuse me or don’t but I know my best interest is far from their chests 

You’re gonna hear I’m vile attitude matching bile piece of shit after all this while 

You’ve been here bad days and good so I hope it’s understood a man who cares only walks away when efforts pointless 

Life drainers 

Ask you why you resist while light recedes darkness appears manipulation hangs ya

I’m not for it

Been beaten and left dead 

By people I almost killed for out there saving their necks 

I’m fighting to exist got loved ones shouting we loved you better on your suicidal shit. 
Lights out and it’s cold

I wanted to fight together and make it 

Instead lied to dismissed left naked

These days I don’t want anything from you but silence

Not the guy for arguments or mindless violence 

Don’t try me

I’m not for it. 


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