Cry your tears alone…

I want to travel to Seattle 

Wrap my poetry in recycled paper 

Disappear amongst sights so beautiful inspiring inspiration 

Leave my depression behind in these Carolina mazes 

Limiting laws to ignorant applause proud to be going backwards. 

Off topic as I place my head down arms weakened 

Is there anything worth seeking yeah I’ve there always is it’s difficult to see at times 

Emotions pull away tide out

What was the dramatic show I put on about 

In the moment I die screaming piercing ears but still swing to end Diablo’s cheers. 

When life is too hard, 

She said that’s when demons are jumping you in space,

Defeat them and wake to good. 

And maybe the chest pains will go away 

If you use your armor and shield more 

Stop saying goddammit and cursing 

Smile or frown be sincere 

Or cry your worthless tears alone in silence 

It’s what you deserve 

God doesn’t judge on a sissy curve. 
I want to take all of my things and sell them minus phone wallet clothes 

Off topic while feeling exhausted 

Battle of logic and emotion inside of us all

Mastery isn’t the finish 

Humbleness waves checkered flags. 


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