Those Who Reject Must Be Shown There Is No Other Choice 


I say nonchalantly 

Your body can be left somewhere it’ll never recover from 

I am the only way you shouldn’t ignore 

I can make you famous with my pen

Worn on suits blowing out in the wind

How about laws don’t mean a thing 

Just don’t mess with my people don’t try a thing 

This about how I flex North Korea’s leader ain’t shit

Look at me as I Death Note on the world
Those who reject 

Shown no other choice

We silence their voice 

Bury for the good of the treasury 

Getting power is hard but possible yes

Not abusing or changing is hard causes stress

So easier to damage than heal

Imagine Henry Rollins screaming at you liar while you breaking every deal

The greatest bring the wounds to healing the worst rip apart fragile ceilings doom
Those who reject 


Shake your fingers 

Eyes please linger 

They must be shown there’s no other choice. 


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