Inevitable Blank 

Been fighting hard I’ve noticed all the sweat and tears 

Raining facepalms upon the mysteries of why humans hurt each other 

I’m just a social security number insignificant to all since birth 

And friend my anger is rising unawares told I’m government property 

Scratch my face and swear loudly but pointless this is so I look silly 

Paranoia visiting asking if I know anything at all besides being betrayed.

If living more than once is possible I forfeited last time and I’m thinking about it now

Prevention says don’t do it but what do they know of the bottom where nothing changes but bruise location 

Is it so bad to cash out instead of loosing every single hand maximum bets wasted 

Feels like something isn’t right feels like maybe I’ve ran too much already 

Hold onto me tonight but when I need you the most become fickle 

I would put everything in you and even more than I can chew and here I am looking stupid

Cross their lines for you but I know you can’t and or wouldn’t do the same too so what do I do 

Was ready to quit came back lit and now I’m looking blank is this inevitably with a grin escorting me out the building

Death and Defeat playing with their food. 
Rescue isn’t real

Miracles aren’t real 

Pray all you want

No one can hear 

One day I’ll decide I’m done 

Inevitable Blank stare. 

Call me over into your arms and say I shouldn’t wait to leap

Cut my veins and sing me to sleep 

Tell me I never had a chance here 

Inevitable blank  stare. 


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