High Carbs 

Optical illusions sure I venture to pointless areas

Barriers in my waking hours or is it reversed cursed via bright extreme bursts 

Worst case I want a case to dilute space erase my sad face 

Dream of legal areas to launch spaceships from Earth at my place 

Wrote a poem or seven money deposited from heaven oh those are satellites 

Regardless get right chilling with open minded folks that don’t bite 

South Carolina views of the ocean and sneaked pipes 

Sadly we know dreamers who die isolated deflated humiliated unappreciated 

Hoping after the sperm race that I won I can keep the momentum going under the sun

Reflect under rain complain then erase my madness smashing figurative foes infinite sadness 

Even as trash alive artifact deceased I battle against waves it’s madness 

High carbs they claim unable to confess in shame I ghostwrite for their ghostwriter’s name in a minute 

While navigating unknown days currently current lost in pinot

Fuck it I’ll fill my walls with unseen material in need my words cereal 

Delivery is multiple fronts meet imperial newspaper regardless of how high I’ll take you past binoculars colored in. 
I want cool fans like summer 

Introspective odd beats from a talented drummer 

Instead I have nine to five responsibilities lifetime of just enough to make it in misery put that madness on timelines

Enough crying tears blind too much importance let those glossy eyes shine

Fine with peeling back popular news with real interactive media 

We never thought an end no more encyclopedia 

Lies are the new facts bet some of our friends love that 

Ten percent for me and maybe I’ll see regarding seeing if I want be at the next revival 

Lately I rather stay silent you’ll figure things out and I’m busy thinking of my path

Enough talk where should I go to improve and make funds I’ll find out change my alias to not dead yet

Perhaps in the future I’ll be remembered as a pioneer specimen logic giant pinch emotion drenched 

Studying responses to stimulus. 
I’ll keep writing in my notepad or short term memory freestyle for my car’s board dash

Practice dashboard effects while roads and tires connect all over the city drivers laughing going by but I gotta get this right so I can fly 

Worse case bury me with my books so in the nothing of nothingness I’ll still have hooks. 


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