Rather Walls 

Effortless staying on the side of ignorance just eat what you’ve been fed

Silence isn’t welcomed for long go faster without time to think

Maybe it’s easy to leave the thinking to those we trust

Holding onto fairy tales is important it’s fear but don’t you dare let it be known

We love our savior without threats of another death

Places escape isn’t possible no such thing as help

We build large walls and lies oh we rather walls to trap ourselves in. 

If you won’t deal with history and truth mistakes repeated as new thoughts

Brick upon spit and concrete building a building to keep myself in 

Swore to everyone it was to keep them out but only I remain trapped inside this masterpiece

Only we remain trapped in the beauty altogether a masterpiece of our misunderstandings standing bold. 

I thought my anger would wrap you so tight futile plans to escape denied 

Surely my hate would ignite your flesh because I’m so significant I swear 

Death is a whoring bitch 

Taking all one way or another coming faster with our mistakes calling loud 

I’m protected as long as I comply

Yet everyone dies

Would you rather walls with incorrect posters directing movement 

Skeptics held neck down knees on

We’re not asking you to keep anyone out

Rather walls to keep you in…


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