Fly Ruined By Paper 

He doesn’t like free time

Reminders of issues abound 

Drink and he’ll be carefree

Smoke to ignore how he feels 

Pulled away from quiet planning 

Monitoring self for advancement

Swear all is right in touch 

When pressure is applied all rusts 


Is the script ready to be viewed 

No possible way these painful moments aren’t here for entertainment value 

Loving things that won’t move

Lies and excuses too 

Promises of better days

Noticed nothing has changed 

Reality up front 

Unsatisfied confused at once

He wants to let it go

Find a new soil to grow 

Laughs from all around 

Fly paper has you now. 
Traveling among other citizens eyes glazed over inattentive 

Pissed first because thoughts were payment is owed

Then stupid silly expecting to break loose but sometimes would refuse to move 

Currently formulating better use of these days as well watch guarding empty space 

Should really stop throwing trash inside temporary time saving with serious repercussions a waste of thoughts down the line

Still the biggest enemy goes everywhere sees everything  knows it so well dressed the same is the same 

We shouldn’t say we love each other unless we’re prepared to give all 

Is that right 

Is that what these dark clouds are about? 


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