Night Being Selfish 

Pretending it’s okay to go a few days without a touch 

Honey twenty fours apart way too much

Joking but not really wishing you’d be more free relaxed with me 

Unsure why I touch and stare in the bedroom at a store anytime hoping for spontaneous moans 

Many parts to relationships tonight I’m focused on a few involving our exposed horny eyes

I better not hear you being afraid to take me in scared I’ll reject advances harshly 

How can I do so a thing listen there’s so much passion most unseen 

Instead of watching videos of other people letting go I’d rather see you rubbing your chest more saying my name 

Panties wet jokes from you about bigger pants so you can wrap in a towel 

Trying to figure out how to make you comfortable lips pretty ass in the air

Dessert between your legs I love to eat out there 

Napkin to wipe your signature from beard hair

I get a little selfish before I get back on track 

Of course you have things to do but please don’t leave just yet

Must cum twice to show inches affection pleasure and need 

Thinking you’ll  feel marvelous more waiting you’ll see. 

Describing our intimate moments helps me dance across floors 

Behind doors giving unfiltered caring plans dancing on hands 

Singing choruses in different tones as if your ears held with kisses piled long

I hope adventure spreads everywhere in you manifesting rhythmic sensations through and through aftershocks when you move 

Misbehaving I continue to pour myself into these moments hoping they’ll earn frames 

On your walls as greatest moments across the board involving many components 

So um should I take a break 

Sure I can but I don’t want to 

Driving to each other on annoying roads hands fold but it’s worth seeing these faces enjoying the other 

Random nights I get selfish wanting you here happy choosing to snuggle tight 

Forget other places you have to be in the morning 

Put a hand on my head other exploring breasts 

Rising for you again. 


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