She’s Weed

She’s weed

Kick back with her in a bathroom 

Her hands get risky tongue excited to lick 

One reason I treat her right without failure 

Therefore she laughs packs a bowl or two 

Renew my amazement 

What conversation will have stomachs hurting laughing goofy 

Horror movie and cookies 

Oral sex then cuddling far from rookies 

She’s like that quarter pound at the house waiting for your shift to end 

Red eyes and coughing begin 

Natural help when I’m falling unable to secure a win. 
Yesterday I was thinking about jumping into traffic or something equally drastic all to end up under plastic 

Blasted songs thinking about being gone until a better way to live came along of course I want to touch base then taste 

Erase your shyness opens those eyelids know that in my arms is the highest 

We hit that bong amazed of the safety brought us together life is crazy

While your family  wonders if I’m mistreating you I’m counting your orgasms 

They don’t get why we speak why your legs stay open for me under cum stained sheets 

Calculator unable to figure out how we operate too bad they hate while her pussy is ate at eight eaten rather 

It’s not hard to understand munchies and pussy together goddamn 

Treating each other properly while sharing information and thoughts no monopoly 

They pissed swear I’m using tricks and she’s just so blinded by my banger the chocolate stick 

Blowing raspberries. 
When I hold her I stop running and fight eyes engaged she looks just right nothing to improvise 

Easy for those around struggling to start monitoring rumor juggling 

Gotta feel good going home putting with bullshit might as well drag down others praying for rage quits 

They’ve made characters of us went and made soap operas made up

Smoke a blunt in the bedroom wondering how to cash our checks and drive

She’s weed with my baby and I laughing holding hands afraid of being arrested for peace of mind behind doors 

Mad there’s no closing time home coughing. 


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