Depression Marks Stains

Marks in my mind still hurt when turn certain ways out of comfort zones

Loans blown searching for a blast off from home moaning the next hour will rain riches

Programmed to look for prepared information displays overhead somehow would be tied to a bank account doughnuts looking numerical porn blaring out

I’m not free completely trying overhaul slow however productive amazed by concentrating focus

Yeah I know I’ll lose some cherished but freedom better than staying job doormat face flat rubbed shit on after walks hikes

Awaking allow for adjustment rather speak rarely so you’ll want to hear abandoned frequent broadcasts however signal is clear

Jackets pinning my arms gone clearance given finally warm about to appear through channels collected all speakers front of the house left right rear 

My motions unspoken frustrating it’s just me my mother was reserved too 

We know people say yes then secretly know no way of being true can perform excellent is that you 

We hope and so far prove better but giving one hundred percent makes shivers run

Relationships gambling with high stakes 

Smiles overnight stays then breakfast fucking followed by pancakes 

Shit it may be paranoia is it hard to understand trust the definition execution translation holding hands

Cleaning still underway remodel coming soon personal preview come through. 


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