Artificial Weight Migraine 

Lifting weights is silly I’ve got coaches helping me 

They put weight on my mind until it’s too heavy if I’m not watching 

I don’t think I’m okay but breaks aren’t allowed blood pressure awake far high right now 

No disrespect to anyone I have to journey away to return with my answers 

Standing up makes you an enemy sit down be told of where you should be, 

I have several places requesting devotion but foul in different ways listen closely, 

When I’m short don’t take it personal defenses new offensive tactics take random access capabilities watching my resources, 

I’ve been cleaning up and been clean now watch the demons worse than the former host try paying rent, 

Weighing on me and you don’t even know why I’m talking reckless, 

Under pressure while on a time limit to correct my landing. 


I just see bad possibilities foaming on the shore unwelcoming for preferred futures 

Had to cut a lot of waste away from my life 

Some nights I’m just so tired and if you were here I would lay on you resting loved

Even in the tightest bond I see between and I most wait until things unfold before jumping ahead 

Getting a feel for the gravel I’ll be walking through with everyone 

Randomly I loose my step

Hope you understand I’m only human so it’s said perfection unobtainable 

Think about it when fuck up I’m not complete and never will be but I’ll try 

Processing takes focus away but know I’m calculating for better time with you 

Are you eager to let our hands slip so soon? 


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