Out On Time To Be Saved

He’s so busy running in circles, 

Important details are always blurred, 

Weeks of saying things but going back under, 

Feeling self control slipped from control while sleeping, 

Noticed a moment to focus logic and emotions mixed right, 

Meant the difference between good or bad day or night plays, 

Written in subconscious ink. 

Out of the hole, out on time. 

He noticed a pattern, a way to advance to the next repair. 

Occasionally a wrong turn, flat tire, flat tires, battery exhausted, frayed wires, 

Stay on the side or get repairs to go on, 

Between cracks he viewed previews, clues to suggestions for safe advancement in congestion, 

Just remember to keep thought on having blind spots in various directions, 

Always monitoring ourselves while row row rowing our boats, 

Merrily or unfairly life is just neutral dream. 

Theories don’t matter, what’s the damage going to be? 

Have to remember to use what he can,

Without feeling like an overflowing trash can, 

Not waste of anything out on time to be saved.


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