That Dark Room Feel

Prefer to settle 

What we fight 

Over than pretend it’s gone 

Stick through the shallow water 

Easier said I know, 

Then it’s trying not to go too deep in yourself 

Avoiding holding on to something or someone else to float 

Many fine lines to walk carefully considering possibilities 

All I know 

This dark room isn’t so sinister with curled against me. 
Hard to hide I’m fading for an impossible to know end

Honey everyone is doing the same

Quality seems to be controllable 

Instead of dreading death let us live before it appears 

Easy to drop worthlessness those fillers we used to eat mentally 

Drift away from the hate lines 

Stay gone 

Renew air running through lungs fast are we going to find a way to be alone safe 

Maybe I don’t move my curtains afraid of incoming tomatoes 

Thrown by neighbors heartless can peace be held? 
Remember nights 

All you needed to do was hide under your covers to be safe

Until the time you hid and still made rivers of tears 

We relate burst through our graves already had us a set date but we were still trying 

Whispering maybe staying over would cure pretending you find rest elsewhere 

You wouldn’t have to pretend I’m smiling while you watch me find sleep 

I wouldn’t have to imagine it while playing songs we can kiss to

It’s so dark in my room but only until you come back 

Always opening blinds saying light is for people like us too 

Trying to make through back rubs to take a break. 
Midnight air waiting 

Open windows to prepare 

Finished pretending I don’t want to stare 

I get romantic minded thinking of where we began. 


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